Granger/Herriman/Westlake - Salem Hills Tournament & Olympus Tournament

Hillcrest had a strong showing at our three dual matches of Granger, Herriman and Westlake as well as the Salem Hills and Olympus Tournaments.  Take a look at some of our highlighted wrestlers.

Schedule Changes

Please take note of 2 schedule changes. 
1. Our match against Bountiful that was originally scheduled for Dec. 1 that was cancelled due to the windstorm in Davis County was moved to Jan. 4.
2. Our home match against Westlake was originally scheduled for Dec. 15 but due to a conflict with Basketball, the match has been moved to Dec. 14, still at home.

Adam Perry Duals

Last night was our first meet of the season.  Hillcrest, as a team, walked away with a win against Bear River and a loss to Jordan.  There were several standout wrestlers for us.  This post will highlight 3 of those.  First off is Nathan "Danno" Peterson who went 2 & 0 and is a freshman at Union at the 120 lb. weight class.  Next is Tyler Sly who went 1 & 0 and is a 4th year wrestler at the 220 lb. weight class.  Finally there is Jake Westover who went 1 & 1 and is a 3rd year wrestler at the 138 lb. weight class.

Schedule Updates

On the schedule I have added some times, I will continue to update the times as they become more solid.  The first time listed is when the bus leaves the school and the second time is when the matches begin.  For those of you new to wrestling, it generally takes about 30 minutes to weigh kids in and the rules say there must be 60 minutes between weigh-ins and matches.  We cannot guarantee every wrestler will get a match every time, but they are still expected to travel with the team.  Also remember if your wrestler goes on the bus they leave on the bus.  See me if there are extenuating circumstances.

The coaches are pleased with the turnout of nearly 40 wrestlers this year.  For those of you who have followed the program for the past few years you know this is nearly double what we have had in the past.  Keep encouraging, keep motivating, keep supporting, and we look forward to seeing you at the matches.

Hydration Test Results

The results of your wrestler's hydration tests are in.  To access your wrestler's individualized weight loss plan, follow the below instructions...

1. Visit
2. Go to the Weight Management tab on the far right and select the Optimal Performance Calculator
3. Select the Login tab on the left hand side
4. Enter your wrestler's Login ID and Password (your wrestler should bring this home, if not, email me and I will send it to you)
5. Go to the Student Athletes tab in the center and select the Individual Weight Loss Plan

You now have access to your wrestler's individualized weight loss plan.  This will tell you what your wrestler weighs, how much weight they are allowed to lose, and how quickly they are allowed to lose it.  The other tabs can give you information on healthy exercise and eating habits, feel free to explore these tabs.  Please ensure your wrestler's are following this plan.  This plan can change based on the weigh-in results of your wrestlers at matches, so check back once in a while.  For those who have wrestlers that have not participated in the hydration test yet, the scheduled make-up will be Monday at 5:00 PM at Riverton High School, make sure your wrestler is available at that time.

For you parents new to wrestling, following the Christmas Break, the UHSAA gives your wrestlers a 2 lb. growth allowance, so a wrestler that is at the 160 lb. weight class can then weigh in at 162.  Also, if you have a wrestler watching his weight, if we wrestle 2 nights in a row, your wrestlers get a 1 lb. weight allowance the 2nd night.  If we wrestler 3 nights in a row, your wrestlers get a 2 lb. weight allowance the 3rd night.

Hillcrest Wrestling 2011-2012 Schedule

Hillcrest Wrestling 2011-2012 Schedule

7 - Practice Begins (3:00 – 5:15 P.M. – Monday-Friday)
11-12 – Hydration Test @ Riverton High (Schedule make-ups through Coach Fowler)
18 – Practices closed to new participants / Physicals and Other Paperwork Due
23-25 – No Practice (State-Wide Moratoriums)
28 – Morning practices begin (Monday & Wednesday – 6:15 am - 7:00 am)
29 –Adam Perry Duals @ Hunter - 2:00 / 4:00

1 – @ Bountiful - 3:45 / 5:30
2-3 – Nebo Invitational Tournament @ Salem Hills (Varsity +1) - 10:00 am / 1:00 & 5:45 am/ 9:00
6 – Granger @ Hillcrest - 5:30
8 – @ Herriman - 3:45 / 5:30
9-10 – Clash of the Titans Tournament @ Olympus (Varsity & JV) - 1:20 / 3:00 & 6:30 / 8:30
14 – Westlake @ Hillcrest - 5:30 (Changed from the 15th due to a conflict with Basketball)
19-21 & 28-29 – 7:00 A.M. Practice
22-23, 26-27 & 30 – No Practice (State-Wide Moratoriums)

4 – @ Bountiful - 3:45 / 5:30 (Rescheduled from cancelled Dec. 1 meeting)
6-7 – Highland Duals @ Highland (Varsity Only) - 12:15 / 3:00 - 9:10 am / 11:00
11 – Oakley @ Hillcrest
12 – @ Skyline - 3:45 / 5:30
14 – Bonneville Lakers Classic @ Bonneville - 6:10 am / 9:00
19 – @ Olympus - 3:45 / 5:30
25 – Brighton @ Hillcrest - 5:30
26 – Murray @ Hillcrest (Senior Night) - 5:30
27 – J.V. Region Open Tournament @ Westlake - TBA
28 – South Summit Tournament @ South Summit - TBA

1-2 – Region 5 Tournament @ Westlake - TBA
15-16 – State Tournament @ UVU